Universität Karlsruhe
Prof. Dr. Welf Löwe
Växjö universitet
School of Mathematics and Systems Engineering
Computer Science, Room # 228
S-351-95 Växjö
Tel. + 46 - (470) 70 8495
Email Welf dot Lowe at msi dot vxu dot se
Web http://www.msi.vxu.se/~wlo

Research interests

Large Software systems are distributed systems. They possibly contain data parallel components. My research activities aim at methods, tools, and frameworks to design and implement such systems. They are embedded in compiler construction and software technologies, i.e. my generators, program analysis techniques, transformations and optimizations improve systems? reliability and efficiency.

XML appears an appropriate format for the data exchange in heterogous distributed systems. Data adaptation reduces to XML transformation. To speed up this, we use generators allowing an easy implementation of fast transformators. The aXMLerate project designes and implements such generators.

Existing distributed systems need to be understood before extended or changed. In our VizzEditor project we implement tools to visualize the static and the dynamic aspects of systems.



Involved with Software

Programs are hard to understand. Especially when they're running. Good visualizations help.

Advised thesis subjects

Diploma thesis
Devlopment of an incremental, concurrent compiler for generic Java (closed)
Studien thesis
Architecture of a consistency checking editor (closed)
Redesign of the debug interface of VizzEditor (closed)


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Heuzeroth, Löwe, Mandel, Generating Design Pattern Detectors from Pattern Specifications
Heuzeroth, Löwe, Understanding Architecture Through Structure and Behavior Visualization, Chapter 9 in book: Software-Visualization - From Theory to Practice
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Löwe, Noga, Component Communication and Data Adaptation
Noga, Löwe, Data Types and XML Schema
Löwe, Noga, Metaprogramming Applied to Web Component Deployment
Löwe, Noga, Scenario-Based Connector Optimization - An XML Approach
Löwe, Noga, A Lightweight XML-based Middleware Architecture
Heuzeroth, Holl, Löwe, Combining Static and Dynamic Analyses to Detect Interaction Patterns
Löwe, Noga, Gaul, Foundations of Fast Communication via XML
Löwe, Ludwig, Schwind, Understanding Software - Static and Dynamic Aspects
Heuzeroth, Holl, Löwe, Combining Static and Dynamic Analyses to Detect Interaction Patterns
Heuzeroth, Löwe, Ludwig, Assmann, Aspect-Oriented Configuration and Adaptation of Component Communication
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Löwe, Liebrich, VizzScheduler - A Framework for the Visualization of Scheduling Algorithms
Heberle, Löwe, Trapp, Safe Reuse of Source to Intermediate Language Compilations