Universitšt Karlsruhe
Projekt MOCKA

MOdula-2 Compiler of KArlsruhe

MOCKA (MOdula Compiler KArlsruhe) is the Modula-2 system developed by the GMD research laboratory and the program structures group, University of Karlsruhe, Germany . It is a very fast Modula-2 compiler producing code for several target processors. The interactive user interface provides an automatic 'make' facility. The compilation speed and the user interface results in a very short turn around time (edit-compile-link).

To compare MOCKA with other Modula-2 Compilers have a look to: C.Pronk; Stress Testing of Compilers for Modula-2; Software-Practice and Experience, Vol.22(10) 885-897, (October 1992).


Dr. Thilo Gaul
Dr. Rubino Geiß

Software in diesem Projekt

Der Karlsruher MODULA √úbersetzer.