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Project JOSES

JAVA and CoSy Technology for Embedded Systems

There is a widespread growing interest in Java in areas such as real-time and high performance computing for embedded systems, since it is estimated that very substantial cost reductions can be achieved through the use of Java. Substantial savings and shorter lead-times are expected if a safe and high-performance real-time Java programming environment can be realized.

The JOSES project (Esprit LTR Project #28198) brings together Europe's leading compiler researchers and manufacturers. The university partners (University of Karlsruhe, Saarland University, Linköping University and Delft University of Technology) all have a long tradition in compiler and language technology and have proved in several Esprit projects (e.g. COMPARE, PREPARE) that they can successfully solve hard compiler research problems. ACE (the coordinating partner) is renowned as a leading innovator and competitor in the compiler (tools) market, as well as in embedded systems. Ericsson and Philips, the industrial end users in the JOSES project, will evaluate and benchmark the results as they become available and apply them to their specific product development projects and processes.

Here you can find the official JOSES homepage.


Prof. Uwe Assmann
Dr. Florian Liekweg
Dr. Götz Lindenmaier

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