Universität Karlsruhe
Projekt Reasoning With Vague And Uncertain Terms

The investigations in this Ph.D. project are based on the fact that humans are able to make reasonable decisions though their domain knowledge is often only vague or uncertain. If we, for example, choose clothes in the morning, the exact temperature outside is not relevant for the decision. We intuitively form classes or terms of all possible temperatures like "shirt-temperature", "pullover-temperature", etc. that are easy to understand. Apart from the fact that the definition of these terms depends on the context (country, person, etc.) the terms can obviously not be defined exactly, even if a single person tries to determine them for himself. That is, the terms are inherently vague and/or uncertain. The aim of this project is to find a flexible representation of vague and/or uncertain terms, rules between terms and an efficient way to reason on the basis of the rules.


Dr. Martin Spott