Universitt Karlsruhe
Project Eliteförderprogramm für Postdoktoranden

Postdoc-Program, grant by the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg

Correct and Optimizing Compilers for Modern Processor Architectures

This research project is funded by the "Postdoktorandenprogramm der Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg" with 69000 Euro. Its goal is a methodology to construct provably correct as well as optimizing backends for modern processor architectures(e.g. VLIW, EPIC, predicated instructions).
Students interested in participating are welcome (Studien-/Diplomarbeit, Hiwis). Please contact Dr. Sabine Glesner.


Prof. Sabine Glesner
Jan Olaf Blech
Lars Gesellensetter
Former Students
Denise Dudek
Simone Forster
Robert Hartmann
Matthias Jäger
Johannes Leitner
Michael Mai
Steffen Mülling
Andreas Schösser
Karsten Sperling