Universität Karlsruhe
Dynamic Coupling of Binary Components and its Technical Support
  author={Dirk Heuzeroth and Ralf Reussner},
  title=\{Dynamic Coupling of Binary Components and its Technical Support},
  booktitle=\{GCSE'99 Young Researchers Workshop},
  abstract=\{The aim of todays software development is to build
applications by the reuse of binary components.
This requires the composition of components and
as special cases component enhancement as well as
adaption. We demonstrate how to deal with these
cases by furnishing components with a type
consisting of two protocols --- a call
and a use protocol. We model these protocols by
finite automata and show how those reflect
component enhancement and adaption. This
mechanism allows for automatic adaption of
components in changing environments.

In order to obtain binary components we have to
compile corresponding sources. In view of the
required features of the binary components and
with the problems of compiling generic classes
in mind, we describe an approach to generate such
pre-compiled components by appropriate
compiler extensions.},