Universität Karlsruhe
Combining Static and Dynamic Analyses to Detect Interaction Patterns
  author={Dirk Heuzeroth and Thomas Holl and Welf Löwe},
  title=\{Combining Static and Dynamic Analyses to Detect Interaction Patterns},
  booktitle=\{Proceedings of the Sixth International Conferenceon Integrated Design and Process Technology (IDPT)},
  abstract=\{We detect interaction patterns in legacy code
combining static and dynamic analyses.
The analyses do not depend on coding or naming
conventions. We classified potential pattern
instances according to the evidence our analyses
provide. We discuss our approach with the
Observer Pattern as an example. Our Java
implementation analyzes Java programs.
We evaluated our approach by self applying the
tool looking for Observers in its code.
In general, our tool detects all Observer Pattern
instances actually contained in the code as
candidates, i. e., we do not miss a single
pattern instance. In the example, the candidates
our tool considers Observers with high evidence
include 80% of the actual Observer Pattern
instances and no false positives.},