Universitšt Karlsruhe
GrGen: A Fast SPO-Based Graph Rewriting Tool
  author={Rubino Geiß and Gernot Veit Batz and Daniel Grund and Sebastian Hack and Adam M. Szalkowski},
  title=\{GrGen: A Fast SPO-Based Graph
Rewriting Tool},
  booktitle=\{Graph Transformations - ICGT 2006},
  pages=\{383 -- 397},
  abstract=\{Graph rewriting is a powerful technique that requires graph pattern matching, which is an NP-complete problem.
We present GrGen, a generative programming system for graph rewriting.
GrGen applies heuristic optimizations making it at least one order of magnitude faster than any other tool known to us, according to Varr\'o's benchmark.

Our graph rewriting tool implements the well-founded single-pushout approach.
We define the notion of search plans to represent different matching strategies and equip these search plans with a cost model, taking the present host graph into account.
The task of selecting a good search plan is then viewed as an optimization problem.

For the ease of use, GrGen features an expressive specification language and generates program code with a convenient interface.},
  editor=\{A. Corradini and H. Ehrig and U. Montanari and L. Ribeiro and G. Rozenberg},
  series=\{Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
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