Universität Karlsruhe
A new approach to the adaptation of fuzzy relations


[1]Martin Spott, Joachim Weisbrod, A new approach to the adaptation of fuzzy relations, Proc. of EUFIT 96, p. 782-786, Sep 1996.


Adaptive control proves to be an important field of investigation as several control problems change its behaviour in time or there is no analytical model available at all. We present a new approach in this context: A fuzzy controller is adapted according to an evaluation function by a critic that is trained using reinforcement learning. In this paper we address the modeling and adaptation of the fuzzy controller. We use a combination of possibility and support distributions that is able to represent (partial) ignorance and to detect and resolve inconsistent knowledge. It is shown that the adaptation rule is stable and consistent with its task.

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Dr. Martin Spott
Dr. Joachim Weisbrod