Universität Karlsruhe
Design of selflearning controllers using Fynesse


[zwingend]Ralf Schoknecht, Martin Spott, Martin Riedmiller, Design of selflearning controllers using Fynesse, T. Furuhashi, S. Tano, H.A. Jacobsen (Ed.), Physica-Verlag, Nov 2000.


With the growing number and difficulty of control problems there is an increasing demand for design methods that are easy to use. Fynesse fulfils this requirement: without knowledge of a process model the system learns a control policy. Optimization goals like time-optimal or energy-optimal control as well as restrictions of allowed manipulated variables or system states can be defined in a simple and flexible way. Fynesse only learns on basis of success and failure of former control interactions and, thus, learning can be carried out directly at the real process. A priori knowledge about the control policy as, for example, a fuzzy or linear control law considerably improves the learning process. Moreover, the learned policy can be interpreted as fuzzy control law which allows for easily checking the plausibility.

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Dr. Martin Spott
Dr. Martin Riedmiller
Ralf Schoknecht