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Global Configuration of Cache Optimizations

Conference Article

[LiGe-01]Götz Lindenmaier, Rubino Geiß, Global Configuration of Cache Optimizations, Proceedings of JOSES: Java Optimization Strategies for Embedded Systems, p. 0-10, DISI, University of Genova, Apr 2001.


Compiler constructors increasingly face a dilemma: Compute intensive applications that are written in Java to improve maintainability need to be executed on small embedded processors. Therefore we address cache optimizations for Java programs that target an embedded processor. We present a bytecode to native code compiler that performs these optimizations. It incorporates an analysis that finds Java arrays which can be subject to layout optimizations. A novel framework then determines a cache specific layout for these arrays. The framework can incorporate any layout optimizations that addresses a single loop. Based on proposals of such individual optimizations it decides on a dynamic layout for a whole procedure, i.e., if desirable the layout is changed between loops. The framework compares the efficiencies of the proposals and also considers the cost of establishing the layout. With preliminary experiments we show the potential of our framework.

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Dr. Rubino Geiß
Dr. Götz Lindenmaier