Universität Karlsruhe
Aspect-Oriented Configuration and Adaptation of Component Communication


[HLLA2001]Dirk Heuzeroth, Welf Löwe, Andreas Ludwig, Uwe Assmann, Aspect-Oriented Configuration and Adaptation of Component Communication, Jan Bosch (Ed.), Generative and Component-Based Software-Engineering, Third International Conference, GCSE 2001, Springer, Sep 2001.


In order to compose components, we have to adapt them. Therefore, we pursue a transformational approach focusing on the communication view. We show how to separate the definition of communication from the definition of other system aspects, how to extract this definition from existing systems, and how to weave it back into the system. Our main concern is the reconfiguration of this aspect.

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Prof. Uwe Assmann
Prof. Welf Löwe
Dr. Dirk Heuzeroth
Dr. Andreas Ludwig