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Second German Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development

Technischer Bericht

[CoKnMePuSp02]Pascal Costanza, Günter Kniesel, Katharina Mehner, Elke Pulvermüller, Andreas Speck, Second German Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Nr. IAI-TR-2002-1, http://www.informatik.uni-bonn.de/III/forschung/publikationen/tr/#2002, February 2002.


This Technical Report collects all accepted contributions of the Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development, held at Bonn (February 21-22, 2002). The Workshop web page may be found at URL: http://www.info.uni-karlsruhe.de/~pulvermu/workshops/aosd2002/ Modularisation as a means to achieve separation of concerns is a key concept in the development of complex software. A fundamental goal is the independent specification of system aspects and their subsequent integration. There have been several novel approaches which try to find new dimensions for separation of concerns beyond the "traditional" concepts of module and class. For examples of such "advanced separation of concerns" we cite Adaptive Programming, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Composition Filters, Hyperspaces, role modeling, Subject-Oriented Programming, and so on. Recently such approaches have been subsumed under the umbrella term Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD), whose themes, in addition to programming language extensions, also encompass enhancements of traditional analysis and design methodologies. Such a new and emerging field has yet to garner a uniform conception of its scope and a definition of its central terms. After the success of the first workshop by the GI on this topic, and in the run-up to the 1st International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (April, 23-26, 2002), the aim of this workshop is again to provide room for fruitful discussions among various academic and industrial working groups who are involved with issues of aspect-oriented software development and related themes. We have accepted 11 papers for this year's workshop whose topics cover a broad range from theoretical reasoning about aspect-oriented systems to practical applications thereof. They are all included in this technical report.

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Dr. Elke PulvermĂĽller
Dr. GĂĽnter Kniesel
Pascal Costanza
Katharina Mehner
Andreas Speck