Universität Karlsruhe
ASMs versus Natural Semantics: A Comparison with New Insights


[1]Sabine Glesner, ASMs versus Natural Semantics: A Comparison with New Insights, Egon Boerger, Angelo Gargantini, Elvinia Riccobene (Ed.), Abstract State Machines - Advances in Theory and Applications, p. 293-308, Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2589, March 2003.


We compare three specification frameworks for the operatio\-nal semantics of programming languages, abstract state machines (ASMs) and the two incarnations of natural semantics, big-step and small-step semantics, with respect to two criteria: the range of imperative programming languages to which they are applicable and the way the program is used in the specifications and treated during the thereby defined execution. To reveal the fundamental differences between these three mechanisms, we investigate if there are automatic transformations between them. As a side effect, this leads to new insights concerning the classification of big-step and small-step semantics.

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Prof. Sabine Glesner