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The GrGen.NET User Manual

Technical Report

[BG:07]Jakob Blomer, Rubino Geiß, The GrGen.NET User Manual, Universität Karlsruhe, IPD Goos, Nr. 2007-5, July 2007 (ISSN 1432-7864).


GrGen.NET is a graph rewrite tool enabling elegant and convenient development of graph rewriting applications with comparable performance to conventionally developed ones. GrGen.NET uses attributed, typed, and directed multigraphs with multiple inheritance on node and edge types. Extensive graphical debugging integrated into an interactive shell complements the feature highlights of GrGen.NET. This user manual contains both, normative statements in the sense of a reference manual as well as an informal guide to the features and usage of GrGen.NET.

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Dr. Rubino Geiß
Former Students
Jakob Blomer