GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
CreateGraph Method (modelFilename, graphName, named, parameters)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.lgspLGSPBackendCreateGraph(String, String, Boolean, array<String>[]()[][])
Creates a new LGSPGraph or LGSPNamedGraph backend instance with the graph model provided by the graph model file and a name.
Declaration Syntax
public LGSPGraph CreateGraph(
	string modelFilename,
	string graphName,
	bool named,
	params string[] parameters
modelFilename (String)
Filename of a graph model file.
graphName (String)
Name of the graph.
named (Boolean)
Returns a named graph if true otherwise a non-named graph. You must cast the LGSPGraph returned to the inherited LGSPNamedGraph if named=true.
parameters (array<String>[]()[][])
Backend specific parameters.
Return Value
The new IGraph backend instance.

Assembly: lgspBackend (Module: lgspBackend) Version: (