GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
GenerateAction Method (graph, modelAssemblyName, actionsAssemblyName, action)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.lgspLGSPMatcherGeneratorGenerateAction(LGSPGraph, String, String, LGSPAction)
Generate a new action for the given action, doing the same work, but hopefully faster by taking graph analysis information into account
Declaration Syntax
public LGSPAction GenerateAction(
	LGSPGraph graph,
	string modelAssemblyName,
	string actionsAssemblyName,
	LGSPAction action
graph (LGSPGraph)
modelAssemblyName (String)
actionsAssemblyName (String)
action (LGSPAction)

Assembly: lgspBackend (Module: lgspBackend) Version: (