GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
InsertConditionsIntoSchedule Method (conditions, operations)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.lgspLGSPMatcherGeneratorInsertConditionsIntoSchedule(array<PatternCondition>[]()[][], List<(Of <<'(SearchOperation>)>>))
Inserts conditions into the schedule given by the operations list at their earliest possible position todo: set/map operations are potentially expensive, they shouldn't be insertes asap, but depending an weight, derived from statistics over set/map size for graph elements, quiet well known for anonymous rule sets
Declaration Syntax
public void InsertConditionsIntoSchedule(
	PatternCondition[] conditions,
	List<SearchOperation> operations
conditions (array<PatternCondition>[]()[][])
operations (List<(Of <(<'SearchOperation>)>)>)

Assembly: lgspBackend (Module: lgspBackend) Version: (