GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
PatternElement Constructor (typeID, typeName, name, unprefixedName, allowedTypes, isAllowedType, cost, parameterIndex, maybeNull, storage, storageIndex, indexAccess, nameLookup, uniqueLookup, elementBeforeCasting, defToBeYieldedTo, initialization)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.lgspPatternElementPatternElement(Int32, String, String, String, array<GrGenType>[]()[][], array<Boolean>[]()[][], Single, Int32, Boolean, StorageAccess, StorageAccessIndex, IndexAccess, NameLookup, UniqueLookup, PatternElement, Boolean, Expression)
Instantiates a new PatternElement object.
Declaration Syntax
public PatternElement(
	int typeID,
	string typeName,
	string name,
	string unprefixedName,
	GrGenType[] allowedTypes,
	bool[] isAllowedType,
	float cost,
	int parameterIndex,
	bool maybeNull,
	StorageAccess storage,
	StorageAccessIndex storageIndex,
	IndexAccess indexAccess,
	NameLookup nameLookup,
	UniqueLookup uniqueLookup,
	PatternElement elementBeforeCasting,
	bool defToBeYieldedTo,
	Expression initialization
typeID (Int32)
The type ID of the pattern element.
typeName (String)
The name of the type interface of the pattern element.
name (String)
The name of the pattern element.
unprefixedName (String)
Pure name of the pattern element as specified in the .grg without any prefixes
allowedTypes (array<GrGenType>[]()[][])
An array of allowed types for this pattern element. If it is null, all subtypes of the type specified by typeID (including itself) are allowed for this pattern element.
isAllowedType (array<Boolean>[]()[][])
An array containing a bool for each node/edge type (order defined by the TypeIDs) which is true iff the corresponding type is allowed for this pattern element. It should be null if allowedTypes is null or empty or has only one element.
cost (Single)
Default cost/priority from frontend, user priority if given.
parameterIndex (Int32)
Specifies to which rule parameter this pattern element corresponds.
maybeNull (Boolean)
Tells whether this pattern element may be null (is a parameter if true).
storage (StorageAccess)
If not null this pattern element is to be bound by iterating the given storage.
storageIndex (StorageAccessIndex)
If not null this pattern element is to be determined by a storage lookup, with the accessor given here applied as index into the storage given in the storage parameter.
indexAccess (IndexAccess)
If not null this pattern element is to be determined by an index lookup, with details specified by the concrete index access type contained in this field.
nameLookup (NameLookup)
If not null this pattern element is to be determined by a name map lookup.
uniqueLookup (UniqueLookup)
If not null this pattern element is to be determined by a unique index lookup.
elementBeforeCasting (PatternElement)
If not null this pattern node is to be bound by casting the given elementBeforeCasting to the pattern node type or causing matching to fail.
defToBeYieldedTo (Boolean)
Iff true the element is only defined in its PointOfDefinition pattern, it gets matched in another, nested or called pattern which yields it to the containing pattern.
initialization (Expression)
The initialization expression for the element if some was defined, only possible for defToBeYieldedTo elements, otherwise null.

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