GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
PatternGraphEmbedding Constructor (name, matchingPatternOfEmbeddedGraph, connections, yields, neededNodes, neededEdges, neededVariables, neededVariableTypes)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.lgspPatternGraphEmbeddingPatternGraphEmbedding(String, LGSPMatchingPattern, array<Expression>[]()[][], array<String>[]()[][], array<String>[]()[][], array<String>[]()[][], array<String>[]()[][], array<VarType>[]()[][])
Constructs a PatternGraphEmbedding object.
Declaration Syntax
public PatternGraphEmbedding(
	string name,
	LGSPMatchingPattern matchingPatternOfEmbeddedGraph,
	Expression[] connections,
	string[] yields,
	string[] neededNodes,
	string[] neededEdges,
	string[] neededVariables,
	VarType[] neededVariableTypes
name (String)
The name of the usage of the subpattern.
matchingPatternOfEmbeddedGraph (LGSPMatchingPattern)
The embedded subpattern.
connections (array<Expression>[]()[][])
An array with the expressions defining how the subpattern is connected to the containing pattern (graph elements and basic variables) .
yields (array<String>[]()[][])
An array with the def elements and variables from the containing pattern yielded to from the subpattern.
neededNodes (array<String>[]()[][])
An array with names of nodes needed by this embedding.
neededEdges (array<String>[]()[][])
An array with names of edges needed by this embedding.
neededVariables (array<String>[]()[][])
An array with names of variables needed by this embedding.
neededVariableTypes (array<VarType>[]()[][])
An array with types of variables needed by this embedding.

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