GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
PatternNode Constructor (original, inlinedSubpatternEmbedding, newHost, nameSuffix)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.lgspPatternNodePatternNode(PatternNode, PatternGraphEmbedding, PatternGraph, String)
Instantiates a new PatternNode object as a copy from an original node, used for subpattern inlining.
Declaration Syntax
public PatternNode(
	PatternNode original,
	PatternGraphEmbedding inlinedSubpatternEmbedding,
	PatternGraph newHost,
	string nameSuffix
original (PatternNode)
The original pattern node to be copy constructed.
inlinedSubpatternEmbedding (PatternGraphEmbedding)
The embedding which just gets inlined.
newHost (PatternGraph)
The pattern graph the new pattern node will be contained in.
nameSuffix (String)
The suffix to be added to the name of the pattern node (to avoid name collisions).

Assembly: lgspBackend (Module: lgspBackend) Version: (