GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
FillIndexSetAsClone Method (graph, originalGraph, oldToNewMap)
Namespacesde.unika.ipd.grGen.libGrIGraphModelFillIndexSetAsClone(IGraph, IGraph, IDictionary<(Of <<'(IGraphElement, IGraphElement>)>>))
Called on an index set that was created and bound, when the graph was copy constructed from an original graph, to fill in the already available cloned content from the original graph.
Declaration Syntax
void FillIndexSetAsClone(
	IGraph graph,
	IGraph originalGraph,
	IDictionary<IGraphElement, IGraphElement> oldToNewMap
graph (IGraph)
originalGraph (IGraph)
oldToNewMap (IDictionary<(Of <(<'IGraphElement, IGraphElement>)>)>)

Assembly: libGr (Module: libGr) Version: (