GrGen.NET v4.4 API: the libGr class library (the type exact interface gets generated)
IActionExecutionEnvironment Interface
An environment for the execution of actions (without embedded sequences). Holds a reference to the current graph.
Declaration Syntax
public interface IActionExecutionEnvironment
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The actions employed by this graph processing environment

Does action execution environment dependent stuff.

Finished(IMatches, Boolean)
Fires an OnFinished event.

Finishing(IMatches, Boolean)
Fires an OnFinishing event.

Retrieves the newest version of an IAction object currently available for this graph. This may be the given object.

Returns the graph currently focused in processing / sequence execution. This may be the initial main graph, or a subgraph switched to, the current top element of the graph usage stack.

Tells whether execution is interrupted because a highlight statement was hit. Consequence: the timer that normally prints match statistics every second remains silent

Matched(IMatches, IMatch, Boolean)
Fires an OnMatched event.

The maximum number of matches to be returned for a RuleAll sequence element. If it is zero or less, the number of matches is unlimited.

Returns the named graph currently focused in processing / sequence execution. Returns null if this graph is not a named but an unnamed graph.

Fired after the rewrite step of a rule. Note, that the given matches object may contain invalid entries, as parts of the match may have been deleted!

Fired before the rewrite step of a rule, when at least one match has been found.

Fired after all requested matches of a rule have been matched.

Fired before the next match is rewritten. It is not fired before rewriting the first match.

PerformanceInfo is used to accumulate information about needed time, found matches and applied rewrites. And additionally search steps carried out if profiling instrumentation code was generated. It must not be null. The user is responsible for resetting the PerformanceInfo object. This is typically done at the start of a rewrite sequence, to measure its performance.

Replace(IMatches, Int32)
Executes the modifications of the according rule to the given match/matches. Fires OnRewritingNextMatch events before each rewrite except for the first one.

Fires an OnRewritingNextMatch event.

SetNewestActionVersion(IAction, IAction)
Sets the newest action version for a static action.

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