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IActionCore Interface

An object representing an executable rule. The core functions used by the sequences/GrGen itself, the IAction interface contains a lot more convenience helper functions for direct rule application that could be used from own code (and are a bit faster due to missing debug events).

Namespace:  de.unika.ipd.grGen.libGr
Assembly:  libGr (in libGr.dll) Version: GrGen.NET 5.0
public interface IActionCore

The IActionCore type exposes the following members.

Public propertyName
The name of the action
Public propertyPackage
null if this is a global type, otherwise the package the type is contained in.
Public propertyPackagePrefixedName
The name of the type in case of a global type, the name of the type prefixed by the name of the package otherwise.
Public propertyRulePattern
The RulePattern object from which this IAction object has been created.
Public methodFilter
Filters the matches found by this action
Public methodMatch
Searches for a graph pattern as specified by RulePattern in the current graph of the graph processing environment.
Public methodModify
Performs the rule specific modifications to the current graph of the graph processing environment with the given match. The graph and match object must have the correct type for the used backend (and this action).
Public methodReserve
Returns a list of arrays with the given number of list elements; the array size is as needed for storing the return values. The list/its members are only valid until the next allocate or graph rewrite with this rule. Internal memory optimization.
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