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de.unika.ipd.grGen.grShell Namespace

Public classElementDef
Public classGrShell
Public classGrShellConstants
Public classGrShellDriver
Public classGrShellImpl
Implementation class containing application logic for generated GrShell parser class. Public methods are called by the GrShell command line parser (which is called by the GrShellDriver), other classes access this shell main-functionality class via dedicated/limited interfaces/views.
Public classGrShellSequenceApplierAndDebugger
GrShellImpl part that controls applying the sequences and the debugger. Inherits from the DebuggerEnvironment, required by the debugger (adapting the base implementation for non-shell usage by overriding as needed).
Public classGrShellTokenManager
Public classNewGraphOptions
Public classParseException
This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.
Public classShellGraphProcessingEnvironment
Public classSimpleCharStream
An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
Public classToken
Describes the input token stream.
Public classTokenMgrError
Public structureParam