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de.unika.ipd.grGen.graphViewerAndSequenceDebugger Namespace

Public classConsoleUI
Console interface for simple user prompts (e.g. for debugging)
Public classConstantParser
Public classConstantParserConstants
Public classConstantParserHelper
Contains helper code for the constant parser, interacts with the constant parser.
Public classConstantParserTokenManager
Public classCygwinBashWorkaroundConsoleIO
Public classDebugger
Public classDebuggerEnvironment
Public classDebuggerGraphProcessingEnvironment
Public classElementRealizers
Helper class for managing the node and edge realizers
Public classEOFException
Public classGraphAnnotationAndChangesRecorder
The GraphAnnotationAndChangesRecorder remembers annotations of graph elements and changes applied to the graph by an action (match and rewrite), it is used to mark the elements in the graph during rendering. Not to be mistaken with the Recorder/IRecorder that is used to serialize changes that occur to the graph to a file.
Public classGraphViewer
Public classMonoLinuxWorkaroundConsoleIO
Public classMonoWindowsWorkaroundConsoleIO
Public classMonoWorkaroundConsoleIO
Public classNoWorkaroundConsoleIO
Public classParseException
This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.
Public classPrintSequenceContext
Public classSequencePrinter
Public classSimpleCharStream
An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
Public classSubruleComputation
Public classSubruleDebuggingConfiguration
Public classSubruleDebuggingConfigurationRule
Public classToken
Describes the input token stream.
Public classTokenMgrError
Public classWorkaroundManager
Public classYCompClient
Class communicating with yComp over a socket via the GrGen-yComp protocol, mainly telling yComp what should be displayed (and how)
Public classYCompServerProxy
Class starting the yComp server (on a specific socket)
Public delegateConnectionLostHandler
Public enumerationElementMode
Public enumerationEXECUTION_STATE
Public enumerationHighlightingMode
Workaround fun due to the following bugs: - : Console.In.Read doesn't allow line-oriented input - : Console.ReadKey () appears to not clear key - : Console.ForegroundColor initially does not reflect console color
Public enumerationSubruleComputationType
Public enumerationSubruleDebuggingDecision
Public enumerationSubruleDebuggingEvent
Public enumerationSubruleDebuggingMatchGraphElementByTypeMode
Public enumerationSubruleDebuggingMatchGraphElementMode
Public enumerationSubruleMesssageMatchingMode