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BaseActions Class

A partial implementation of the interface to the actions.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  de.unika.ipd.grGen.libGr
Assembly:  libGr (in libGr.dll) Version: GrGen.NET 6.6
public abstract class BaseActions : IActions

The BaseActions type exposes the following members.

Protected methodBaseActions
Initializes a new instance of the BaseActions class
Public propertyActions
Enumerates all actions managed by this BaseActions instance.
Public propertyCustomCommandsAndDescriptions
Public propertyFunctionDefinitions
Enumerates all function definitions.
Public propertyFunctionNames
returns a comma separated list of the names of the functions known
Public propertyGraph
Public propertyInlineIndependents
Public propertyLazyNIC
Public propertyMatchClasses
Enumerates all match class filterers (and thus match class info objects) managed by this IActions instance.
Public propertyMatchClassNames
returns a comma separated list of the names of the match classes known
Public propertyModelMD5Hash
Public propertyName
Public propertyPackages
Public propertyProcedureDefinitions
Enumerates all procedure definitions.
Public propertyProcedureNames
returns a comma separated list of the names of the procedures known
Public propertyProfile
Public propertySequenceDefinitions
Enumerates all graph rewrite sequence definitions.
Public methodArrayGroupBy
Public methodArrayIndexOfBy(IList, String, Object)
Public methodArrayIndexOfBy(IList, String, Object, Int32)
Public methodArrayIndexOfOrderedBy
Public methodArrayKeepOneForEach
Public methodArrayLastIndexOfBy(IList, String, Object)
Public methodArrayLastIndexOfBy(IList, String, Object, Int32)
Public methodArrayOrderAscendingBy
Public methodArrayOrderDescendingBy
Public methodCustom
Public methodFailAssertion
Public methodGetAction
Gets the action with the given name.
Public methodGetFunctionDefinition
Retrieve a function definition.
Public methodGetMatchClass
Gets the filterer of the match class with the given name.
Public methodGetProcedureDefinition
Retrieve a procedure definition.
Public methodGetSequenceDefinition
Retrieve a graph rewrite sequence definition.
Public methodRegisterGraphRewriteSequenceDefinition
Register a graph rewrite sequence definition. An interpreted sequence can be overwritten by a new one of the same name and signature. A compiled sequence is fixed, an exception is thrown if you try to set a sequence of the same name.
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