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MOF Suite for GrGen.NET

An add-on for GrGen.NET to process MOF based modeling languages given in XMI syntax.


This suite enables GrGen.NET to import, export, and process UML models (graphs) originating form standard UML editors (conforming to OMG standards).


You can download a binary package of MOF Suite for GrGen.NET as well as browse the source code:

  • Download MOF Suite for GrGen.NET V1.0 (release date 2008-03-06)
    • Requirements:
      • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or above
        OR Mono 1.2.3 or above
      • Java 1.5 or above
      • GrGen.NET 1.4.0 (beta5) or above
    • For a list of relevant changes see the changelog.
    • MOF Suite V1.0 for GrGen.NET conforms to MOF V2.0 and XMI V2.1.1.

  • Browse the source code:
    • Mapping a MOF model (e.g. the UML specification) to a graph model in GrGen.NET (browse)
    • Mapping a model instance (e.g. a UML graph, like class diagrams) to a graph in GrGen.NET (browse)
    • Mapping a MOF model (e.g. the UML specification) to a graph in GrGen.NET for reflection (ie. this is suitable for using the metamodel in a graph rewrite rule) (browse)
    • Mapping the MOF modeling elements to a graph model in GrGen.NET (needed for representing the metamodel as a graph) (browse)
    • Completing the roundtrip: Exporting a graph in GrGen.NET (conforming to a MOF based model) to XMI (browse)

Questions, suggestions, bugs? Feel free to contact the maintainer and main author: Rubino Geiss