Universität Karlsruhe

GrShell commands:

# any text:
  comment until newline.
echo <text>:
  display text on the screen.
debug ((error | warning | debug) // ,):
  set debug mask.
include <filename>:
  include commands from file <filename>.
  query the graph for a status report.
  exit from grshell.
new backend <filename> : (<text> // ,):
  Make a new backend from library <filename> and give separated texts asparameters.
new graph <filename> <name>:
  load a graph model and make a new graph with name <name>.
open graph <filename> <name>:
  load a graph model and open a graph with name <name>.
new actions <filename>:
  load an action model from library <filename> an instantiate it.
show backend <filename>:
  show the parameters of a backend in a shared library <filename>.
show nodes [<type>]:
  show all nodes. Give type for a restriction.
show node types:
  list all node types.
show edge types:
  show all edge types.
show actions:
  show all actions.
show graph <unix-command>:
  dump graph to an aux file and show it via <unix-command>.
show node <nid> attribute:
  show all attributes of node <nid>.
show node attribute [<type>]:
  show all node attributes. Give type for a restriction.
show edge <eid> attribute:
  show all attributes of edge <eid>.
show edge attribute [<type>]:
  show all edge attributes. Give type for a restriction.
grs ( <action> [ *' | '{'<count>'}'] )* :
  Graph Rewrite Sequence: apply the rule <action> to the graph and repeat if requested <count> or '*' times.
new node <type>:
  make a new node of type <type>.
new edge <type> <nid1> <nid2>:
  make a new edge of type <type> from node id <nid1> to node id <nid2>.
delete node <nid>:
  delete node with node id <nid>.
delete edge <eid>:
  delete edge with edge id <eid>.
node type <type1> is <type2>:
  check, if node type <type1> is a <type2>.
edge type <type1> is <type2>:
  check, if edge type <type1> is a <type2>.
node <nid> -> <name>:
  Retrieves attribute <name> of node <nid>.
node <nid> -> <name> = <value>:
  Sets attribute <name> of node <nid> to <value>.
edge <eid> -> <name>:
  Retrieves attribute <name> of edge <eid>.
edge <eid> -> <name> = <value>:
  Sets attribute <name> of edge <eid> to <value>.
dump exclude node <type>:
  Remove all nodes of <type> from dump.
edge color <type> = <color>:
  Colors edges of <type> with color <color>.
node color <type> = <color>:
  Colors nodes of <type> with color <color>.
edge label (ON|OFF):
  enables/disables edge labels in graph dump.
group node <type>:
  nodes of type <type> group other nodes by its incoming edges.
custom <what> <argument>:
  execute a graph model dependent command.
  uses rules to optimize the program graph with complex instructions.