Universitšt Karlsruhe
Code Generation for Digital Signal Processors

Diploma thesis (closed)

Extending a code generator generator based on graph rewrite techniques

Code generation in compilers can be done automatically based on term or graph rewrite systems, resp. The code generator generator cggg implements a graph rewrite system that does code selection based on an A* search. It is the goal of this master's thesis to extend this code generator generator such that it integrates code selection and code scheduling. Thereby a full machine simulation would be necessary. Since this would be a project too large for a master's thesis, it is sufficient to adapt the cost function appropriately. The extensions of the cggg system need to be documented and prepared for future enhancement. Especially during the code generation for digital signal processors (DSPs) it makes sense to combine code selection and scheduling since one can select partial DSP operations and combine them to full DSP operations during instruction scheduling. This principle is to be tested by using the extended cggg version to generate a compiler for the Philips' TriMedia processor


Prof. Sabine Glesner
Dr. Boris Boesler


Former Students
Hannah Schröter