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Successful Theses

Diploma thesis

A Formal Semantics for SSA Intermediate Representations in Isabelle/HOL
A Formal Semantics for the Pi Calculus
A generator for static and dynamic analyses to detect design patterns
A generator for static and dynamic analyses to detect design patterns
A Structural Operational Semantics for Static-Single-Assignment Languages
Analyse von Profilinformation fĂŒr cachesensitive Befehlsanordnung
see german text
Analysing, Modelling and Transforming Interactions with COMPPASS
Development of analyses and transformations to adapt component interactions.
C source code transformations dealing with the preprocessor
Code Generation for Digital Signal Processors
Extending a code generator generator based on graph rewrite techniques
Codegenerator fĂŒr PowerPC
Spezifikation eines PowerPC Codegenerators
Copy elimination in a SSA-based register allocator
Demand-driven XML Transformation
Apply the functional strategy of lazy evaluation to XML transformations.
Design and implementation of a component-based system to display values in a process control system
Design and implementation of a graph viewer for compiler graphs
Detection of static and dynamic patterns in object oriented software
Devlopment of an incremental, concurrent compiler for generic Java
Extending a static Compiler into a Run-Time Compilation System
Extension of a metaprogrammins system by a iterative construction of an intermediate representation.
See german text.
Extracting XML from HTML pages
Many web pages have the characteristics of a service, e.g., weather sites. This thesis will support the migration of existing web pages into a web service environment.
G#: GrGen.NET in C#
Generation of a SSA graph out of the Recoder-AST
Graph Rewriting for LibFirm
Integration of graph rewriting into libFirm
Graph transformation based optimizations in compiler backends
Identifying and Modeling Components in the SawMill Operating System
This thesis deals with automatically extracting operating system services and components from existing monolithic Linux code, in order to obtain a multi server operating system configured from modules and aspects (SawMill Linux).
Instruction selection on SSA-graphs
Integration of a Strategy Element into the Hybrid Controller Architecture Fynesse
Integration of a Strategy Element into the Hybrid Controller Architecture Fynesse
Maschinensimulation zur kostengesteuerten Codeerzeugung
Generische Maschinensimulation zur optimalen Codeerzeugung
Object Oriented Concepts in Model Checking Tools
OptiCache -- SchleifenĂŒbergreifende Cacheoptimierung
see german entry
Pattern extraction machine-dependent code generation
Realisation and integration of an OBDD with a model checker
Rematerialization by ILP in an SSA based Register Allocator
Schema-based Optimization of XSLT
Semantic analysis for CRecoder
Extension of CRecoder by name and type analysis for C.
Spezifikation und Verifikation von standardisierten Transformationen -Fallstudie: Übersetzung von IS
Spezifikation und Verifikation von standardisierten Transformationen am Beispiel der Übersetzung der imperativen Sprache IS
Spilling Heuristics in an SSA-based Register Allocator
XML Graph Rewriting
Enhanced XSLT document processing by Graph Rewriting

Studien thesis

Recursive Patterns for GrGen.NET
Towards GrGen.NET V2.0
(see german version)
(see german version)
A Program Result Checker for the Syntactic Analysis of the GCC Compiler
Applying the Concept of Safety to adaptive Fuzzy Controllers
Applying the Concept of Safety to adaptive Fuzzy Controllers
Architecture of a consistency checking editor
Checker for Constant Propagation in Compilers
Construction of a Program Result Checker for Constant Propagation
Coalgebraic Methods in Verification of optimizing Program transformations using Theorem provers
Coalgebraic Methods in Verification of optimizing Program transformations using Theorem provers
Codegenerator for the IA64
For the IA64 a codegenerator with the tool CGGG will be implemented.
Constructing Firm from Java[TM] Bytecode
Design and Implementation of a SSA-based x86-Backend
Design of Squeak optimizations
Development of an inverting C preprocessor for COMPOST
Devlopment of an inverting C parser for COMPOST
Efficient Storage and Representation of Interference Graphs
ELI Ein Integriertes Werkzeug zur Entwicklung von Übersetzern und Einsatz im Übersetzerbaupraktikum
Entwurf und Implementierung der CORBA Schnittstelle Snow
Erfassung eines computerinternen Modells von Altprodukten und Ermittlung der wirtsch. Fraktionierung
Evaluation of Optimistic Register Coalescing
Evaluierung graphersetzungsbasierter Optimierungen
Evaluierung graphersetzungsbasierter Optimierungen in Compiler-Backends
Exception Handling in an optimizing Java Compiler
This thesis designs and implements the representation and efficient realization of Java exceptions on a modern compiler intermediate representation.
Explizite Interprozedurale AbhÀngigkeitsgraphen
see german entry
Generating .NET IL Assembler from FIRM
Lazy XML Processing
Parsers usually process the entire source. If the application does not require this, which new avenues open up?
Maschinelle Verifikation der Codeerzeugung fĂŒr VLIW-Prozessoren
Maschinelle Verifikation der Codeerzeugung fĂŒr VLIW-Prozessoren
Mechanical Verification of Dead Code Elimination in SSA Representations
Negative Application Conditions in GrGen
Extension of GrGen with negative application contexts in graph patterns
Operator-basierte Programmierung
Operatoren zum Kombinieren von Komponenten und ihre Anforderungen an Reflexions-Schnittstellen
RAP - A Register Allocator for CGGG
Registerallocator for CGGG
Redesign of the debug interface of VizzEditor
Retransmission of Analysis Data into a Source Code Transformation System
Analysis Information obtained by the Heap Analysis of the Institute's Compiler Infrastructure is transported into the Source Code Transformation System RECODER.
Source-Source-Transformations for XSLT
Many optimizations on XSLT can be expressed as source-source transformations. This approach enables novel optimizations for all existing XSLT processors.
Specification and Mechanical Verification of Constant Folding in Compiler Backends
Support for negative application conditions for the in-memory backend of GrGen
The Sherlock-System
A Prototype for Many-Sorted Natural Semantics
Transformation Java/XML
XML representation of Java source code
Verifikation unimodularer Schleifentransformationen
XML-based Transformation Tool